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4 easy ways to decorate for fall

There's just something about a crisp fall morning, a hot cup of coffee, and the smell of pumpkin that makes my heart so happy. Here in Southern California, we don't get many mornings like that, but when we do, it's something to be cherished. Today was one of those mornings, and I am absolutely loving it. We might even get a little rain too!

I absolutely LOVE decorating my home for fall! Once it's time to get my pumpkins out, I can feel the excitement of what's to come and it brings me so much joy. I don't go too crazy with my fall home decor, but there are always three things I do every single year to make my home feel extra cozy for the season (even if it's 90 degrees outside!). If you want an easy, inexpensive way, to make your home feel like fall, check out my four tips below!

Add a fun framed print to your decor

A super easy way to add just a touch of fall décor to your home is to find a free downloadable print and add it to a frame you already have. The great news is you can find really cute, free fall prints in a lot of places these days! I have a fun pumpkin print freebie for you that you can grab here. Simply download the print file, print at home and pop in a frame, and voila, you’re done!

Download the print here!

Switch to fall decorative hand towels

One of the easiest ways to get that homey fall feeling is to update your kitchen and bathroom decorative hand towels. It's a fun way to add a festive fall feeling to your home with minimal effort. Fall hand towels are great for the powder bathroom, kitchen stove, and more! If you're looking for fall decorative hand towels, you can check out the fall shop here, I've created cute and unique designs that would be a great addition to your fall decor this year!

Add festive smelling hand soap

Every year, my kids get so excited to switch out our hand soap in our powder bathroom. It's where they wash their hands 90% of the time, so it brings them joy to know they get a special soap for the season. I recently found this apple scented hand soap from Trader Joe's that I absolutely love, and it was a great price. I may need to go back and grab a few more bottles just in case!

Make your house smell like fall

This tip is my personal favorite! Every year when I decorate the house for fall, I also make my homemade stovetop potpourri. The smell of this DIY potpourri is amazing and it will instantly bring joy to your home - added bonus, my husband loves it too! I have the recipe written out in another blog post here, check it out and give it a try, I promise, you won't regret it!

I hope you enjoy the fall season, happy decorating!

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