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Halloween boo basket ideas for adults

I just recently learned about the "Boo Basket", which I've never participated in before. You may also be asking yourself, what in the world is a Boo Basket? Let me tell you what I've learned.

What does it mean to get "Booed" at Halloween?

The Boo Game goes like this: You create a Halloween gift basket for your neighbor and you leave it on their doorstep anonymously. In this Boo Basket, you provide them with two signs, one that says "You've been booed!", which let's them know what this gift basket actually is, and the second sign says "We've been booed!", which is then put in their window to let the rest of the neighborhood know they've already been "Booed" to eliminate any duplicates. To make things even more interesting, the person that receives the boo basket will then need to spread the love and "Boo!" one of their neighbors.

This is the first year I'm going to give this a try, so we'll see if my neighborhood plays along! I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, but it seemed like a fun way to get in the holiday spirit! I decided I wanted to do an adult boo basket for my first one because I have these super cute Halloween hand towels to gift, and I think it'll make things a bit more interesting. Here's a list of things I'm adding to my boo baskets this year that will hopefully give you some inspiration for yours too!

  1. Wine: I feel like you can never go wrong with wine, and this little bottle is the perfect addition to any gift basket! I got this tiny bottle of Justin cabernet at BevMo, but I've also seen these at Costco and Bristol Farms. It's the perfect size!

  2. Hand Towels: No holiday gift basket is complete without a cute set of hand towels! I added my fun Halloween hand towel set for my boo baskets this year to make it even more festive. You can find all of my hand towels here!

  3. Chocolate: Nothing goes better together than candy and Halloween! Since we're old now, trick or treating isn't acceptable behavior. Plus, our kids are getting older, so it's getting harder to steal their candy because they'll notice even if one teeny tiny piece is missing. Adults deserve candy too, so why not add it to the Boo Basket?!

Once I had everything in the basket, I added my own "You've been booed!" tag and We've been booed sign and voila, basket complete! Need signs for your "Boo Basket" this year? Grab your free Boo Basket Tag and Prints below to make your boo baskets super cute!

Please let me know if you try the Halloween Boo Game this year, I can't wait to hear how it goes! Happy Halloween!

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