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How to start learning calligraphy in 10 minutes or less

Updated: May 12, 2020

If you've ever seen a calligraphy video on Instagram or Facebook, you'll notice how effortless it looks. You may also be thinking, there is no way I could ever do that. But let me tell you, you can! I started my lettering journey with a piece of paper and a purple Target brand sharpie.

I was on maternity leave with my first son, and I was looking through Instagram one night and found one of those lettering videos. I was hooked. I decided the next day I would give it a try. So I got my piece of white printer paper, and the only pen I could find, and I gave it a go. To be honest, I was not good. For someone who has pretty decent handwriting, it was not promising that I'd ever be good at this whole calligraphy thing. So I practiced. And then I practiced some more, and it finally got a little bit easier.

I will say it was a nice outlet for me while I was home with my son. There was something about dedicating the little time I had to my new hobby and I fell in love with it. I remember starting this journey in the fall, and I would cozy up on the couch, light a candle and practice away while my son slept. This journey has taken me down a few different paths, from hand lettering cards to wedding invitations, and now to clothing and accessories, and I'm so thankful for it.

If you're looking for a new hobby to start, why not try calligraphy out?! You only need a piece of paper and a pen, no fancy materials here. I've also put together a free guide to help get you started on your journey. It walks you through the basic strokes and the lowercase alphabet, which you can then use to put words together. Have I convinced you yet? Join the fun and download the free guide below to get started. Tag me on Instagram at @laurenmakowski to show off your skills, I can't wait to see what you create!

Introduction to Faux Calligraphy Guide
Download • 1.39MB

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